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Pearl Diamond Jewellery

Pearl and Diamond Jewellery India : Ophira JewelersPearl jewelry is classic, stunning and always the perfect gift. Whether you are buying it for yourself or a loved one you can never go wrong. Pearl and diamond cocktail rings can be a great gift idea to express your love and affection to your loved one. Also colored pearl and diamond earrings and bracelets are best suited for teenagers and young adults. You can also wear diamond and pearls with your formal wear. Pearls when used for wedding jewelry along with Gems and diamonds can give splendid and stunning appearance to the bride. The history of pearls being used as jewelry is far older than most people think. In China, the first pearl used as an offering for the emperor can be traced back to 2000 years ago. In those days pearls were considered the most valuable treasure, and royalty was keen on owning....

When diamonds, crystals, and other different kinds of colored-gemstones are popular, designers and jewelry fans never abandon pearls due to their enormous range of shape, color, size, and the variety of other jewelry they easily mix with. Not only this, but they are more affordable than ever. Nowadays, pearl jewelry design is becoming more and more diverse, rather than staying simple. Pearls and uncut diamonds compliment each other and also lifts up the entire look of pearls.The fast changing fashion makes this world so dazzling. The diamond used to be "the queen of gems", but now it is not able to satisfy the more fashion-conscious people any more. All kinds of other gems and jewelry are becoming just as popular. The new fashion concept is virtually a harmony of all gems in different categories. In this concept, each kind of gem is endowed with new elements. It is found that the used-to-be-popular fancy style pearl necklaces were becoming less and less active, and is being replaced by another trend. Pearl and diamond necklaces, Pearls enhanced with precious Gems like Emeralds Sapphires and Rubies are becoming more slender, lighter, and more feminine and also far more attractive and eye catching.

In the old days, pearls were unreachable for most people because of their rarity. Only the extremely rich people could afford them, so they always related to wealth, aristocrats and royalty. .... Nowadays with the introduction of pearl cultivation, people don't depend on hunting natural pearls any more, but raise our own pearls! ... A good pearl designer always looks for people's interests. When they notice that more and more people start paying much attention to pearls, their inspiration can lead to varied creations. Pearl necklaces should be restrung every 1-2 years even under your nearly perfect protection. The reason is that your sweat, perfume, body lotion, dust, etc. can dirty and damage strings, and strings themselves can be naturally stretched too. You can go to the professional jeweler to have them done, especially when they are enhanced with Gems and diamonds.



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