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Diamond Cocktail Rings

Gemstone Studded Cocktail Rings

Diamond Cocktail Rings India : Ophira JewelersA cocktail ring is the ultimate accessory. Who doesn't love a designer cocktailring studded with precious gems or diamonds. While for some less is more, these accessories are a case of the bigger the better. A cocktail ring is the perfect accompaniment to an evening dress.

A designer diamond dinner ring or cocktail ring is a large over sized ring, set with precious or semiprecious stones. They are generally worn by women and placed on the fourth finger of the right hand. For this reason they are sometimes known as Right Hand Rings.

Cocktail diamond rings are also known as statement rings and come in both fine jewelry and costume jewelry variations. They are generally over sized and dramatic. Since making their first appearance on the jewelry scene in the 1940s, they have become a jewelry essential. They come in a different styles ranging from whimsical to classic to edgy to fusion. Flower and animal themed rings have become especially popular in 2009. Women now look to these pieces for an instant update to their wardrobe and an instant infusion of style.

A cocktail ring was made for adding glamour to party dresses. This unique ring doesn't disappoint, that you will make a dramatic entrance!But if your dress is the statement, keep the accessories simple — maybe an oversized cocktail ring and simple diamond stud earrings.

Although cocktail parties are less common now, wearing a designer cocktail ring studded with huge diamonds, large precious or semi-precious gems is still popular for formal dressy occasions, and especially for events like premieres of films, events, or award shows.While the trend in earlier rings was to use precious stones, particularly diamonds, the cocktail ring today may be made with multicolored stones pearls enamel uncut stones. The difficulty and expense of obtaining large precious stones often makes the cocktail ring with real stones prohibitively expensive.

A designer cocktail ring is an important eye-popping statement to make with your cocktail attire. Whether you're wearing a colorful whimsical dress or a basic black number, adding a cocktail ring adds a splash of drama and glamour to your ensemble. With so many rings to choose from, ranging from the bold and the beautiful, to bling-worthy conversation starters, knowing what to look for in your favorite evening babble is key.

They are Classic and Timeless.

The cocktail ring has been around for centuries. And, one thing has stayed true - the unforgettable large size of the ring. However, styles, colors, stones, gold white yellowor platinum are all used to make your favorite cocktail ring truly unique and something that fits in your lifestyle, price range and wardrobe.

Getting ready for a cocktail party is simpler than it looks. You just need a few bold pieces and a cocktail ring is the perfect accessory to make an outfit feel new and fresh, not to mention glamorous.

It's amazing the amount of styles available these days in the world of fashionable bold rings. When searching for the perfect ring, choose one that you feel comfortable with. If you're not used to wearing bold, eccentric jewelry, opt for a smaller cocktail ring. If you love bold conversation starters and feel comfortable with a large flashier ring to dress up your finger, go for that.

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