Ophira Jewelers :Our Designer Diamond Bangles are a work of art in itself. Based in Mumbai, India.
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Made To Order Jewellery India
Custom Made Jewellery

Made to order Jewellery is that which is fully customized. The main advantage of customized jewellery is that your jewellery could include all your personal prefrences. You might want to customize jewellery based on your choice of design, Gemstones or even Metal. Another important reason why you could consider custom madejewellery is because it can be more durable and sturdy. Custom made jewellery does not have to please masses and hence better emphasis can be given to quality and finish.

Unique customized jewelry may possibly have a very little time however; you can get just the piece that you simply want. OPHIRAgives you items of artwork which can be started off from scratch with all new gemstones and choice of gold or they might be put together making use of an older stone or a remounted gemstone from a different bit of jewelry.

All custom made jewelry is manufactured by hand while using the utmost care along with precision, resulting in your finished designed piece that is definitely flawless to a person's eye. We at OPHIRA are committed to producing work that is of the highest standard and made with the finest materials. We like working with traditional materials and techniques. Ideas for our work come from talking with our clients and the stories they share with us. Sometimes people pick up a gemstone while visiting places and we give those pieces a form of exquisitecustomisedjewellery.

Custom jewellery is extremely dissimilar to other styles associated with jewellery in local markets. You may adore personalized jewellery; nevertheless there’s some thing a lot more unique whenever you purchase custom jewellery. You can easily find many jewellery stores offering pieces in a wide variety of designs.


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Ophira Jewelers : Wedding Diamond Bangles to add scintillating grace to your event. Based in Mumbai, India.