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Diamond Bridal Jewellery

Luxury diamond bridal jewelry customized for every social event, to suit your personal requirements, peerless, pristine craftsmanship, made available at affordable prices.

Bridal Diamond Jewellery Mumbai India : Ophira JewelersWedding is something so dear to a girl’s heart that its significance need not be explained. A wedding is not just about finding the right partner and choosing the venue and deciding on a wedding date. There is a lot more to it, especially for the bride. Deciding on what kind of bridal jewelry the bride should wear on her wedding day is one of the crucial matters that need to be decided.

Brides today are more conscious of the concept of wearing jewelry that complements their bridal outfit. Sometimes even a single harmonized piece of bridal diamond jewelry is all that a bride needs to look gorgeous!
When it comes to selecting bridal jewelry everyone keeps it classic, traditional and elaborate. The present day scenario has much given way to infusion of styles and designs that are customized to render bridal jewelry as a unique mélange of trendyand contemporary styles. Neckpieces, bangles, kadas earrings and rings are some, which are largely chosen by Indian brides.

At Ophira, you will find luxurious pieces of studded jewelry, which come with an assurance of quality, purity, trust, gratification, and are custom made for you.

You have a range of diamond wedding sets, cocktail rings, chandelier earrings, pendants, bracelets, bangles, kadas, and a whole range of impeccable pearls to choose from.

You walk into Ophira a cozy little showroom based at Pedder Road in south Mumbai and the owners themselves who will personally attend to you will warmly welcome you. Apart from the displayed numerous ready to wear pieces, an extensive unique portfolio will be shown to you to choose designs from matching your wedding outfit. This personal approach has attracted attention of clients from the corporate world, film personalities,and clients of high profile, socialites and not to forget our working women.

Being a buyer of high value bridal diamond jewelry pieces, you will definitely keep the following in mind:

• The piece of jewelry you buy should be unique.

• Preferably customized to your taste and your special occasion.

• Gems (both precious and semi precious) diamonds and metal should be of the highest quality.

• Value for your money

• A magnificentpiece, which can be passed on to your loved ones.

• Guarantee of authenticity of material that constitutes each piece.

Our expert artisans are amongst the best in this business and have been with Ophira for the past 25 years. They work from fully equipped workshops ensuring the best finish, quality and craftsmanship.

We also have in-house certified diamond graders and assorters on our team, with over 20 years of experience, who ensure that every stone is selectively picked for maximum fire and luster.



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