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Ophira Jewelers - About Us

The Birth of Ophira

Aneel Gajaria, the brainchild behind Ophira has been manufacturing and exporting 18+karat diamond studded jewellery since 1993. Aneel and his wife Neeta have always been a part of the world of jewellery. Ophira’s first cut into the local market came by manufacturing designs for close friends and family, as they much appreciated the work and finish. Through word of mouth, more and more clients began showing interest, leading them to give birth to Ophira in 2009 and reaching out to the local market & corporate world.

Aneel’s knowledge in the field of jewellery is far reaching...from working as a consultant in SEEPZ for many years and giving lectures on jewellery at the reputed college SNDT to being associated with big export houses as a consultant, he has made his mark in the world of jewellery. His 25 year old journey gave his wife, Neeta the inspiration and confidence to join him and start their first local outlet.

To give the support to Ophira and allow it to rise up, Neeta took up a course in jewellery designing and took guidance from her husband to be able to provide the needed backing in this competitive market. Both husband and wife have demarked areas of work... while Aneel looks after manufacturing and production, Neeta handles retail marketing and manages the boutique.

They both live by the mantra of educating every customer that walks through the doors of Ophira. This includes imparting knowledge and quality assurance on diamonds, gold, gems, pearls and any other doubt the customer may have of their purchase.

Ophira has come a long way since they have set sail... and Aneel and Neeta’s passion for jewellery and Ophira has made it shine even brighter.

Our Quality Standards

As soon as you walk into Ophira’s realm of fine jewellery you will be impressed without a doubt. Ophira’s products are 18kt hallmarked with each piece being certified.

Ophira sources their gems from destinations like far-east, India and Europe. The collection ranges from varieties of Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, Tanzanite, Tourmalines and many varieties of semi-precious stones as well. The gold range includes the use of many colours like, white, yellow, rose/pink and black.

The team of in-house designers take in concepts from Neeta are forefront of new trends and styles long before coming to market.

Ophira believes in providing supreme quality and this is made evident in the attention to detail in every design, careful craftsmanship, selection of stones and providing you a final product that has no room for error. Right from start to finish, Ophira makes sure that quality is not sacrificed in any circumstance, and a state of perfection is achieved and appreciated.

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